When it comes to the right equipment and apparel for your style of play, we know you have questions. At Baseball Plus, we have the experience and expertise to supply you with the answers you need to help you decide what products will work best for you. Here are just a handful of the frequently asked questions (and our respective answers) we get from customers. For additional information or further advice on products, please check out our Contact Information.

1) How do I know what size baseball bat/glove/helmet I need? Is there a chart I can reference?

Sizing charts for bats, gloves, helmets, catcher's equipment, etc.can be found in the Sizing Chart section.


2) Do you sell apparel for men, women, and children?

Yes, we sell apparel in the following categories: men, women, girls, boys, and unisex.


3) What should I consider when choosing the right glove for me?

When choosing a glove, the two most important factors to consider are position and age. Typically, gloves that are from 10" to 12" are infield/pitcher models, while 12 ¼” to 13" are outfield models. Keep in mind that if the glove is being used to pitch, it cannot have white or gray on the glove. MLB now allows two-tone gloves for pitchers, but be sure to check with your local league for their specific rules. There are also gloves designed for players with smaller hands to ensure a better fit. With regard to the age of the player, most younger players play multiple positions, so try to find a size somewhere in the middle, not too small and not too big.  Popular sizes for the 9-12 age category range anywhere from 11 ½” to 12 ¼”.  


5) Do you have a sizing chart for apparel?

Sizing charts for apparel (i.e. pants, sliding shorts, jerseys, jackets) can be found in the Sizing Chart section.


6) What should I consider when choosing a bat? 

When choosing a bat, refer to our Sizing Chart section [LINK]. Make sure you know what the league rules are for the bat you need. The heavier the bat is, the more mass you will have at the point of impact when swinging, but you also don’t want to sacrifice bat speed. As a general rule, start light and go heavier from there.


7) What is the difference between ash and maple wood bats?

Ash bats are wider-grain bats. This typically means that they are lighter than maple bats. Ash has more of a flex to it and tends to splinter rather than break in two.  Maple is a tighter-grained wood, and this higher density tends to make it heavier than ash. Maple is also a stronger wood, but while it is harder to break, it does tend to shatter.   


8) What is the difference between composite bats and alloy bats? 

Composite bats perform at their best in warmer weather (usually above 65 degrees). They also improve gradually through use because the composite fibers spread out more as you break in the bat. Conversely, alloy or aluminum bats are ready to go and do not have a break-in period. And hybrid bats (a composite handle with an alloy barrel) are designed to transfer energy more efficiently through the handle to the barrel. 


9) How do I know a bat is approved for my league?  

Bats approved for Little League will have “Little League Approved” on the bat. High school bats will have “BESR Certified” on the bat.  New NCAA rules go into effect for the 2011 season with “BBCOR” as the accepted certification.


10) If my metal bat breaks, do I send it back to you? 

All bats purchased with a warranty must be returned directly to the manufacturer. A valid receipt is needed for all warranty returns.


11) What does the (-12) on a bat mean? 

The minus on a bat refers to the weight to length ratio. If a bat is a -10 and is 30" then it weighs 20 oz.


12) How are gloves measured?

Gloves are measured from the inside heel of the glove to the top of the web. Gloves will also have shallow, medium, and deep pockets, which will make the glove appear smaller or larger. Infield gloves typically have medium and deep pockets. Outfield gloves typically have shallow pockets with a longer web. Catcher’s mitts are measured by circumference.


13) Do you offer team discounts or quantity discounts?

We do offer team discounts. Call us today at 877.789.4487 for more information.


14) When should I expect my order to be delivered? 

Orders placed by 3 PM typically ship the same day. Estimated ground times can be found on the UPS shipping chart.


15) Can I return or exchange my order? 

All returns are subject to a 12% restocking fee. Shipping must be paid by the customer and will not be refunded. Drop shipped items are subject to up to a 25% restocking fee. Items can be exchanged, but the customer must pay shipping. If the new item in an exchange transaction does not qualify for free freight, the customer must pay freight as well.


16) What does it mean when an item is backordered?  

Items that are backordered are not available from the manufacturer and should become available at a later date.


17) Will I be refunded my shipping and handling if I return an item? 

Any item returned that resulted from an error by Baseball Plus will be refunded shipping and handling. All other returns are subject to a 12% restocking fee. Shipping must be paid by the customer and will not be refunded. Also, drop shipped items are subject to up to a 25% restocking fee.